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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today's the Day - Official Launch!

Hello friends.  Today's the day of the official launch of my second website, www.twosidesonecoin.com and I hope you'll stop in and visit, browse, and comment.  I welcome all suggestions!  Although still in the early stages of development, I have big plans for the future and will keep you advised as the site continues to grow. 

Twosides is a weaving of the personal that underlies the professional although "underlies" is not entirely accurate.  More so, the so-called personal (me, the person) strongly influences all that I do and think and the idea that any business is strictly business, nothing personal, strikes me as both ludicrous and absurd.  What a concept!

Bearing in mind that the idea of strictly business is merely a concept, a mental construction,  I can't help but wonder how it is we came to accept the idea as acceptable?  Although widespread, does anyone really believe it?  More importantly, what are the results of pretending we are two separate entities or that we can impose some sort of split in our  personality between personal and professional conduct, values, ethics, or guiding principles?  Does this imaginary split really lead to our best course of action or do we often find ourselves in conflict?

The idea of business as nothing personal will continue to be explored in Enlightened Leadership upcoming posts so please stay tuned!  And thanks to all who assisted in getting twosidesonecoin.com launched today!  Best wishes, j

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