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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trust in Leadership

A favorite inspirational quote reads, "Be like the Moon. Come out from behind the clouds. And shine." It is hard to shine in the world nowadays when everywhere we turn we are surrounded by clouds of suspicion and mistrust - fear for what tomorrow may bring. Generally in times of fear we turn to our leaders for guidance through the storm but Trust in Leadership is in short supply today, the lowest in decades, and with good reason.

Although true Trust is not a matter of worthiness or unworthiness, the word is loosely used today to more closely describe a process of deductive reasoning that involves a judgment (concerning the truthfulness or honesty of others). We Trust those who are trustworthy. We don't trust those who are not. These labels, of course, are matters of opinion, when the actual meaning of Trust lies closer to that of faith (requiring we believe without real reason to believe). Essentially trusting in another is to have faith in them, to believe in them without relying on material evidence or logical proof. What happens to Trust, however, when material evidence and logical proof dispute what we want to believe?

Should we continue to Trust each other, our colleagues, or our leaders when material evidence indicates they can not be trusted? Is there any realm left within society where what is said and what is done are the same thing - where the "talk is walked"? We have seen cover-ups in the church, in the government, in business, and on Wall Street. "Houston - We seem to have a problem here."

I am deeply disturbed by the changes I have seen over the last 10 years. I feel less hopeful. I feel less hopeful because I have less trust. I don't like the feelings of doubt, suspicion, or mistrust. They make me want to climb outside my skin. How much more beautiful does our world seem when we can approach our neighbors, our colleagues, our spiritual advisers, our elected government officials, or our bosses/(clients) without feeling a need to question their intentions or integrity? A thousand times better, that's how.

I don't think that I'm alone in how I feel. I still have values I believe in. Values that guide my every day thoughts and my every day actions. I also believe that the vast majority of the world's people are no different than me and do their best to live "honestly" in spite of the leadership examples we often see today. Are we simply resistant to a changing world or are we resistant because we seem to be moving in an unstoppable direction that threatens what we truly value and that gives meaning to our lives? I prefer to think it is the latter. I'm wondering just how many of you agree?

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  1. I believe there are those who are resistant to changing the world simply because they like it the way it is. Though they are small in number they are massive in power over societal systems--hence it can be quite unstoppable. The remaining many are mostly unaware that things can be otherwise, that it is up to them if they choose.